Yemeni forces fully liberate al-Jubah district in Ma'rib

Yemeni forces fully liberate al-Jubah district in Ma'rib

The Yemeni army and Popular Committees, backed by fighters from Ma’rib province, have fully liberated al-Jubah district, south of the province.

The sources affirmed that the control of the district came after clashes with the Saudi-led coalition militants for more than a month.

Deputy Foreign Minister in the National Salvation Government in Sana’a, Hussein al-Ezzi, said on Tuesday afternoon that “al-Jubah is the last district of Ma’rib to embrace Sana’a after a long absence.”

On the other hand, Sheikh Khaled Mohammed Qaid Tua’iman al-Jahmi confirmed that the army and the Popular Committees took control of the center of al-Jubah district as well as al-Jadida” and al-Jarsha”.

Yemeni forces were able to isolate al-Jubah from Jabal Murad district and surround the latter from various sides, amid rapid collapses of the Saudi-led coalition forces in several areas, including Ajma and Yarah, leaving many dead and wounded in their ranks.