Yemeni Media Union calls for international media effort to expose Saudi crimes

Yemeni Media Union calls for international media effort to expose Saudi crimes

The Yemeni Media Union (YMU) has called for a broad Arab and international media move to expose the crimes of the US-Saudi aggression, in which the UAE and Great Britain have participated, against the Yemeni people for nearly seven years.

In a statement, the YMU affirmed its solidarity with the Lebanese Information Minister George Kurdahi in the face of the ferocious campaign launched by the Saudi and Gulf states simply because he had called the war on Yemen “absurd” and called for it to end.

The statement considered the hysterical reaction to Kurdahi’s statements, indicating “the importance of the word and its power over the Saudi regime.”

It pointed out that “these statements open eyes to the crimes and practices committed by Saudi Arabia and its allies in Yemen, that have created the worst humanitarian crisis.”

The statement indicated the Saudi campaign of intimidation and threats against the Lebanese Minister “comes in the context of the barbaric methods adopted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against the free media.”

“We salute the Lebanese Information Minister and all the free Lebanese and Arab journalists who stood with all responsibility against Saudi Arabia’s crimes and its war on the Yemeni people,” said the YMU chairman Abdul Rahman al-Ahnumi.

Al-Ahnumi added that “every media person and journalist should stop turning a blind eye to the crimes of Saudi Arabia committed over the past seven years, including the deliberate killing of civilians, the destruction of objects and infrastructure, and the intimidation of the population.”