US Envoy to Yemen claims "many successes" have been achieved

US Envoy to Yemen claims "many successes" have been achieved

US Envoy for Yemen, Tim Lenderking, has said that he has “achieved many successes” since the beginning of his mission in Yemen.

In an interview with London-based newspaper, Asharq al-Awsat Saudi, Lenderking said that he was able to create “an international consensus on the Yemeni issue, and was intensively involved in negotiations with the parties to the conflict.”

Lenderking claimed that he worked to raise the level of humanitarian aid in Yemen, stressing that his mission is “consistent with and supports the mission of the UN Envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg.”

The US Envoy pointed out that the United States “is aware that humanitarian aid is not sufficient on its own.”

He explained that Washington is “working with other partners to provide economic support and achieve stability in the Yemeni economy.”

He claimed that his country has encouraged Hadi’s government to clear the fuel ships waiting outside the port of Hodeidah and stop holding them hostage.

Lenderking considered that the US canceling the Trump administration’s designation of Ansarullah as a “terrorist organisation” came as a measure in order to avoid negative humanitarian consequences, which he described as “unintended.”

Regarding the peace initiative proposed by the new UN Envoy, Lenderking said that Washington “strongly supports Grundberg’s efforts to develop a road map for a new peace process, and looks forward to hearing more about it soon.”