Saudi-led aggression plunders 165 million dollars of wealth from Yemen every month

Saudi-led aggression plunders 165 million dollars of wealth from Yemen every month

he Saudi-led coalition forces and their mercenaries are plundering Yemen’s wealth of crude oil, with approximately $165 million per month being stolen, which is enough to pay the salaries of all employees that have been cut off for years, the Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) said in a statement issued during a protest held on Monday.

In the statement, the company held the United Nations responsible for all the consequences of the lack of oil derivatives, the deprivation of millions of Yemenis from drinking water, the catastrophic health and environmental damage and the spread of diseases as a result of sewage treatment plant failure.

“This is considered a war crime against the Yemeni people, an environmental disaster and a threat to the lives of millions,” the YPC said in a statement.

The participants in the protest emphasised that the United Nations had become “a key partner in piracy on oil derivatives ships.”

“Throughout the duration of the aggression and the siege, only briefings in the Security Council were heard from the UN. These briefings do not operate factories or hospitals,” it added.

The statement of the YPC affirmed that the United Nations “continues to practice human desolation with the full will of its officials against the oppressed and patient Yemeni people.”

It pointed out that its continued complicity with the forces of global arrogance in their crimes against Yemenis has increased the pace of aggression and siege and the killing of civilians.

The statement furthermore explained that the continuous siege and piracy on oil ships inflicted the Yemeni people with fines that amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars during their varying periods of detention.

The statement added that “compromising with the forces of arrogance and the officials in the UN with the necessary and basic needs of Yemenis is the cheapest and dirtiest method that exposed their false claims about human rights and their constant theorising about values and morals.”

“Their claim, in fact, is nothing but an attempt to dissuade our people from liberating its entire lands and purifying all its cities, villages, valleys, mountains, airspace and seas from the occupiers and their mercenaries,” it added.

The statement said that the continuation of the forces of aggression in their siege against the Yemeni people and their permanent piracy on their basic needs of oil derivatives are “crimes of genocide.”