At least four civilians killed by series of Saudi air raids

At least four civilians killed by series of Saudi air raids

At least four citizens were killed and two others were wounded on Saturday, when Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched an airstrike on Yemen’s oil-rich province of Shabwah, a security source said.

The source explained that the coalition aircraft conducted an airstrike targeting a citizen’s car at Aqabat Merkhah al-Ulya district, killing four civilians and wounding two others.

In addition to launching an airstrike in Shabwah, Saudi warplanes attacked al-Jubah district, Ma’rib province, with 18 airstrikes, including three raids targeting the wreckage of the Scan Eagle plane that had earlier shot down by Yemeni air defences, as well as hitting Sirwah district with four airstrikes  , according to the sources.

The sources indicated that the coalition launched three air raids on al-Mulail area in Kitaf district of Saada province.

Moreover, the village of al-Rwn, west of the city of Hays in Hodeidah province, was attacked by a Saudi airstrike.

The bombardment of various parts of Yemen by Saudi-led coalition fighter jets coincides with the advance of the Yemeni army and Popular Committees following the withdrawal of the Saudi coalition’s ground forced from the west coast of Yemen.