WHO: 75% of Yemeni children are chronically malnourished

WHO: 75% of Yemeni children are chronically malnourished

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that 75 percent of Yemeni children are currently suffering from acute malnutrition, as Saudi Arabia keeps bombing the country in defiance of international calls to end its bloody war.

In a Twitter post, the UN body added that 16.2 million – more than half of the country’s population of 30 million – are food insecure.

“3 out of 4 Yemeni children (75%) are chronically malnourished,” it explained.

Last month, the UN Security Council expressed “grave concern for the dire humanitarian situation [in Yemen], including prolonged starvation and the growing risk of large-scale famine, which is compounded by the dire economic situation.”

Yemen has been at war for nearly seven years, which has killed more than 233,000 people and rendered 80% of the population of nearly 30 million dependent on support and assistance in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis according to the United Nations.