Israeli attacks on Yemen reported

Israeli attacks on Yemen reported

The Deputy Director of the Moral Guidance Department of the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Abdullah bin Amer has confirmed on Tuesday that Israeli attacks on Yemen have been reported.

During a meeting held in Sana’a, which included a number of political and military researchers and analysts, Brigadier General Amer referred to Israeli attacks on Yemeni airspace and territorial waters.

Amer said that the Israeli enemy “does not want Yemen to be free and independent.”

“The existence of a Yemeni state that responds to the facts of history and geography within its comprehensive identity is posing a great danger to Israel’s hegemony over the southern Red Sea region,” he added.

He stated that the Israeli entity has expanded its activity in Yemen during the past decades to include the entire geographical area, pointing to documents revealing secret communication between Sana’a and Tel Aviv as far back as 2004.

On the current situation, Brigadier General Amer referred to the Israeli entity’s annoyance with the outcome of developments and changes in the Yemeni conflict, which “confirm that the Yemeni people are closer to achieving victory and extracting their independence and freedom.”

He also drew attention to the Israeli and American plots through its tools in the region, namely Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in order to impede the process of liberation and independence.

The Deputy Director of the Moral Guidance Department stressed that “the Yemeni people are concerned today with knowing many events, information and movements that were kept secret from them.”

“Through their knowledge and access to them, they will know the real reasons for what is happening today, and will know who is working to impede their fateful battle,” he added. “The people are the real stakeholder in our freedom and independence.”