Emirati occupation forces looting gold ore from Yemen

Emirati occupation forces looting gold ore from Yemen

Yemeni activists and journalists have accused the United Arab Emirates (UAE) occupation forces of looting a gold mine in Hadhramaut province, eastern Yemen.

Activists circulated photographs showing raw gold being stolen and transported out of the country.

UAE companies are smuggling large quantities of rocks containing gold ore from a site classified as a gold mine in Hajar district on the Hadhramaut coast, journalists reported based on local sources.

They pointed out that the cargo is being transported to a port between al-Rayyan and Dhaba, to be transported to the UAE.

Last year, international agencies circulated videos showing the process of examining a sample of stone smuggled by the UAE from Hadhramaut, using a special gold detection device that showed a high percentage of gold ore.

Since its participation in the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen, the UAE has been systematically looting natural resources in Yemen, and has even transported extremely rare trees and animals from Socotra island.