Hamas responds to British provocations: "Zionism is terrorism"

Hamas responds to British provocations: "Zionism is terrorism"

Commenting on the British Home Secretary’s announcement of designating Palestinian political movement Hamas as a “terrorist organisation,” Hamas has responded that Britain is “supporting the aggressors at the expense of the victims.”

In a statement, the group stressed that “resisting the occupation by all available means is a right guaranteed to all peoples under occupation by international law.”

Hamas said that it considered the Zionist occupation to be a form of terrorism, “which kills Palestinians, forcibly displaces them and besieges more than 2 million citizens in the Gaza Strip,” stressing that “the Palestinian people are on the path to freedom and return, no matter how much sacrifices they have to make.”

The group called on the international community to stop the double standards and the flagrant violation of international law, stressing that Great Britain “must stop abiding by the Zionist narrative and project, and atone for its sins committed against our people by the Balfour Declaration.”

It further called on the free people of the whole world to condemn the British decision, which Hamas called “a continuation of aggression against the Palestinian people and their unwavering rights.”