Yemeni air defences are rapidly improving, top diplomat says

Yemeni air defences are rapidly improving, top diplomat says

“Yemeni Armed Forces capabilities, including air defences are in constant advancing,” the head of the National Delegation Mohammed Abdulsalam said on Wednesday.

“The evidence of air defence effectiveness is present in the achievements in the battlefield, the latest of which was the downing of an American Scan Eagle and Chinese CH-4 spy drone,” Abdulsalam said in a tweet.

He stressed that the US-Saudi aggression “must realise that it has no choice but to take the initiative to announce a halt to the aggression and lift the siege.”

On Wednesday evening, the Yemeni Armed Forces shot down a CH-4 combat drone run by the US-Saudi aggression, while it was carrying out hostile actions over Ma’rib Province. The Yemeni defences used an undisclosed surface-to-air missile for the task.

Earlier in the day, the Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e announced the downing of a US-made Scan Eagle spy drone, which was carrying out hostile acts over the same province.

On the 4th of December, the Air Defences had already shot down a Scan Eagle spy drone over Ma’rib.