Saudis conduct 50 airstrikes across Yemen

Saudis conduct 50 airstrikes across Yemen

The US-backed Saudi-led coalition warplanes have  launched on Saturday a series of airstrikes targeting several Yemeni provinces, a security official said.

A security source confirmed that the coalition fighter jets targeted Al-Balaq area in Al-Wadi district with 29 raids, and waged nine raids on Sirwah district and another raid on Al-Jubah district in Ma’rib province.

In Hajjah province, the coalition warplanes launched three airstrikes on the district of Haradh, while an airstrike hit al-Malahit district in Saada province.

In Hodeidah province, the aggression aircrafts launched five airstrikes on Hays district and another airstrike on Ras Issa area in the district of Salaif, in a violation of the ceasefire agreement in the province.

On Friday, the coalition aircraft launched 38 airstrikes on Ma’rib, Hajjah, Taiz and Saada  provinces, as well as  Najran region.