Yemeni forces capture large al-Qaeda camp in Ma'rib province

Yemeni forces capture large al-Qaeda camp in Ma'rib province

The National Salvation Government’s forces have on Friday taken full control over al-Qaeda’s largest camp in the Kare area south of Ma’rib province.

Tribal sources in Ma’rib province told Yemen Press Agency that Sana’a forces took control over the camp, following fierce battles with coalition forces on al-Qaeda’s most important and largest camp in Wadi Abeida, south of Ma’rib city.

The sources confirmed that Yemeni forces continued their large-scale military offensive for the second day in a row, advancing towards the positions of the coalition forces and their armed groups in Wadi Abeida, through which they managed to take over the camp of Kare supervised.

The same sources confirmed that Yemenj forces seized warehouses containing a huge arsenal of weapons and improvised explosive devices that al-Qaeda planned to use in their terrorist operations.

In February, the Islah Party, the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, brought in more than 150 al-Qaeda members from Hadhramaut province led by Abu Hajar al-Hadhrami, as well as nearly 100 other troops brought from Bayda led by Ahmed Abad al-Khubazi, and 70 from Abyan, led by al-Mardafi.

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