Pottery in Kashmir

Pottery in Kashmir

Pottery is an ancient art and craft that continues to dominate human civilization despite the modern kitchen culture based on new material and technology. The roots of pottery can be traced to prehistoric times as is revealed by the excavations at Burzhama, Mohenjodaro, Sindh and various other sites. The pots are made of clay or mud of earth. Our food, flora and fauna also come from earth.


The art of pottery is our cultural heritage. Many people are connected with this art and earn their livelihood from it. Earthen pots are found in many marketplaces and homes even now, though in a smaller number. Many people have given up this profession as it is considered less profitable as compared to other professions.

“Tambaknaare” and “Noote” are famous Kashmiri musical instruments made by potters. Kangris, toys, flower vases and decorative items, the Kashmiri hubble and bubble, the incense pots, water pots, milk pots, piggy banks (big waer), etc, are still in great demand. Earthen pots and other objects of art made of clay are commonly seen at places of pilgrimage during melas and other festive occasions.

Photos Taken by Firdous Parray



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