Yemeni Foreign Ministry condemns hypocrisy of US claim of supporting accountability

Yemeni Foreign Ministry condemns hypocrisy of US claim of supporting accountability

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a gas ridiculed the US-Saudi aggression for attempting to evade responsibility for their crimes in Yemen.

This comes following a statement made by the US Envoy to Yemen, in which he declared his country’s support for a new mandate by the UN to “enhance accountability” in Yemen.

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry accused the leaders of the Saudi and Emirati kingdoms as well as Washington, London and a number of other governments supporting the aggression, of being “at the forefront of those who must be accountable for the Saudi-Emirati violations and crimes.”

“These violations and war crimes were carried out with logistical and intelligence support from the warehouses of the Pentagon, the British Army and a number of arms factories in Europe,” the source emphasised.

The source pointed out that huge quantities of guided missiles and munitions of all kinds, including cluster bombs have been dropped by US and British planes on Yemen.

“They are bombing civilians, service facilities and infrastructure, causing thousands of casualties.”

The ministry considered the latest statements of the US envoy to Yemen “an attempt to beautify the image of the US administration, circumvent the facts on the ground, to exonerate the coalition before the international community and portray the situation in Yemen as an internal conflict or civil war.”

The source stressed that “if the United States was honest in what it claims, it would have ordered its tools to stop the aggression and the siege imposed on Yemen, which was announced by Washington, instead of continuing to supply the US-led aggression with weapons to kill the Yemeni people.”

The statement renewed the call for the formation of an independent international committee to hold accountable all perpetrators of violations and war crimes against the Yemeni people.