UN Envoy to Yemen speaks to Security Council

UN Envoy to Yemen speaks to Security Council

The UN Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, affirmed that Yemen needs a comprehensive approach for addressing immediate needs and priorities in the context of a process heading to a comprehensive political settlement.

In his briefing on Tuesday to the UN Security Council on the situation in Yemen, Grundberg said the solution “will not be sustainable if it does not represent the interests of Yemenis regardless of their diversity,” based on discussions with Yemenis over the past 3 months.

The UN Envoy continued: “The military options will not lead to sustainable results. Restraint, de-escalation and dialogue are required,” adding that “it has become necessary to reduce economic escalation and reforms to improve livelihoods, reduce the cost of goods and protect the currency.”

He pointed out that the restrictions imposed on freedom of movement and goods cause hardship for Yemenis, especially women, as these restrictions do not affect a limited geographical area, but rather affect all parts of the country.

Grundberg stressed the “importance of obligation to unconditional peace in order to retain the open channels of communication and finding a lasting solution to this conflict.”