Russia to Security Council: Rewriting 2015 UN plan for peace in Yemen is necessary

Russia to Security Council: Rewriting 2015 UN plan for peace in Yemen is necessary

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member of the Supreme Political Council has said that Russia’s position in the Security Council “reflects the real situation of Yemen on the ground, removed from the positions of the US, France and Great Britain which stem from their own interests in the war on Yemen.”

“The position of the Russian delegate at the Security Council session was responsible and signals a true diagnosis of the reality that the Republic of Yemen is facing due to the arrogance of the United States, France and Britain,” Mohammed al-Houthi said on Twitter.

“America, France and Britain are seeking, for their own personal interests, a role in and part of (…) the aggression against Yemen,” he added.


Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative at the UN Security Council, Dmitry Polyanskiy, stressed at a session last Tuesday that “it is impossible to implement Resolution 2216 of the Council in 2015,” noting that there is no real presence of the [Hadi] government on the ground compared to the control of the National Salvation Government’s forces over most provinces and regions.

The Russian diplomat called on members of the Security Council to review the foundations of a political settlement in Yemen and to recognise the change in the balance of power on the ground in favor of Sana’a.

He stressed that the efforts of the UN envoy to bring the parties to the negotiating table would be “fruitless” if the members don’t recognise the fact that the National Salvation Government is a factor of high importance in Yemen.

According to Dmitry Polyanskiy: “It becomes impossible to proceed within the existing framework of the Yemeni settlement, which is UNSC resolution 2216. Adopted in 2015, the resolution has nothing to do with the current situation on the ground – at the Yemeni combat theatre. The political landscape and the balance of forces in Yemen has changed significantly, and resolution 2216 does not reflect the new reality.

In this regard, we believe it is high time UNSC members revisited the basis for Yemen’s political settlement while preserving the central role of UN mediation and constructive contributions of regional states.”

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