Egypt deports UAE ambassador for smuggling antiques

Egypt deports UAE ambassador for smuggling antiques

Egyptian sources revealed on Saturday that the authorities in Cairo decided to expel the UAE ambassador to Egypt, Hamad Saeed Al-Shamsi, for his involvement in smuggling antiquities from the country abroad.

The Egyptian ambassador, Mohamed Morsi, said that the government issued a decision to deport Al-Shamsi after investigations with Hassan Rateb and his partner Alaa Hassanein, a former parliament member, revealed his involvement in smuggling Egyptian antiquities.

Morsi stated that the Emirati ambassador used diplomatic bags, which are not subject to inspection, in the smuggling process.

Al-Shamsi worked in the UAE security services. He was close to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and served as Abu Dhabi’s ambassador to Beirut until he was appointed ambassador to Cairo last February.

Last June, the Egyptian authorities arrested businessman Hassan Ratib and Alaa Hassanein on charges of excavating and trading in antiquities.