Hadhramaut tribal forces besiege camp of Saudi-led troops

Hadhramaut tribal forces besiege camp of Saudi-led troops

A number of Hadhramaut tribes have imposed a siege on military camps belonging to the Saudi-backed Islah Party forces.

Local sources affirmed that this escalation came in parallel with the storming of the city of Ataq by Emirati-backed forces.

The tribes, which accuse the Saudi-backed exiled Hadi government of corruption and of Islah Party participation in the looting of the province’s wealth, deployed hundreds of their gunmen in the areas of the province recently.

The sources explained that these tribes emphasised the importance of preventing the passage of tankers coming from the Masila oil facility in Hadhramaut.

These steps came after the Hadhramaut tribes held a meeting in Haru area in November, demanding the handover of leadership of the first and second military regions of the Ministry of Defence.

However, the government of Hadi ignored the threats and demands of the UAE-backed forces, which prompted the tribes to escalate the situation.