Several wounded reported in mercenary infighting in Hadhramaut

Several wounded reported in mercenary infighting in Hadhramaut

A number of Saudi-led coalition recruits have been injured on Sunday in clashes between members of Salafist groups in Hadhramaut province in eastern Yemen.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on testimonies of well-informed sources.

According to the Sources, Zeid al-Hajouri, the commander of a Salafist camp stationed in the Directorate of Al-Abar, clashed with members of a battalion belonging to Shabwah province led by Murad al-Awlaki.

The clashes left several wounded of both sides, the sources said.

The  sources added that soldiers of the Shabwah battalion took control of a number of military pickup vehicles  and deployed in the vicinity of the camp following the clashes, which broke out following a previous tension due to al-Hajouri’s insult and ridicule of Shabwah militia members.

The same sources confirmed the intervention of the command of the 23rd Infantry Brigade Mika to contain the tension in the camp.

The clashes came two days after dozens of members of the camp belonging to Shabwah rebelled and took control of the brigade’s headquarters, rejecting what they called “racist regional dealings of General Zeid al-Hajouri.”