Yemeni Foreign Minister calls on UN to finally take up responsibility in letter to Security Council

Yemeni Foreign Minister calls on UN to finally take up responsibility in letter to Security Council

The Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hisham Sharaf, has called on Wednesday on the UN Security Council for holding the Saudi government and its arms suppliers accountable in accordance with international law.

This came in a letter sent by the Foreign Minister to the President of the Security Council for the month of December 2021, Ambassador Abdo Abadi, and the members of the Council including the five permanent members, to clarify and expose the falseness of the allegations contained in the Saudi letter to the Council on December 28.

The Minister urged the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security, including the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf region, and “taking a number of basic steps that will pave the way for peace, foremost of which is stopping the continuous Saudi threats and its daily indiscriminate bombing of civilian objects in Yemen on allegations that they are legitimate military targets.”

Sharaf explained that “Riyadh tried to appear before the world as the victim, in order to gain the sympathy of the international community and lament over violations of international law. It is as if the international community, all international media and international organisations have no idea or knowledge that Riyadh is leading a military coalition that includes more than 17 countries, and has been waging an absurd war and imposed a comprehensive siege on the Republic of Yemen since March 26 2015, which led to the worst man-made humanitarian disaster in modern times.”

Sharaf affirmed that “there are clear and well-known facts about the war on Yemen that cannot be hidden.”

The letter stressed that “everyone realises that the reason for international connivance and siding with the aggression countries is the interest that many countries of the world have in common with Riyadh.”

Hisham Sharaf stated that “all Yemeni political forces were close to reaching a political understanding between them, prior to March 26 2015, but the Saudi leadership, with its military intervention, thwarted all those efforts.”

The letter pointed out that “Riyadh is working directly, through militias and outlaw armed groups, which it finances with weapons and equipment, to obstruct any efforts to bring peace to Yemen.”

In his letter, the Foreign Minister called on the Security Council to “adopt a clear stance towards peace, by issuing a new resolution binding on all, calling for an end to the war and the lifting of the comprehensive siege.”