Israeli Navy establishing military runway on occupied Yemeni Island

Israeli Navy establishing military runway on occupied Yemeni Island

The Israeli Navy has reportedly set out to establish an independent military runway on the UAE-held island of Socotra of Yemen.

Local sources said that a number of geological survey experts arrived at Hadibo Airport on an Emirati plane for the purpose of studying the establishment of a military runway for the Israeli Navy on the island.

The sources affirmed that the Israeli-Emirati moves to establish an airport in Socotra comes as part of joint military arrangements in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. The campaign itself is part of a Zionist project to control maritime navigation routes going from the southern entry of the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba.

According to the sources, the establishment of the military runway would guarantee the arrival of Israeli enemy officers in the future, using it for naval and air combat exercises under the pretext of “confronting Iranian danger” in the Indian Ocean.

This came after the arrival of 12 engineers and experts of various foreign nationalities, including Israelis, through the Khalifa Foundation to Hadibo Airport, early last December.

The Israeli Navy has established a military base and deployed centers for surveillance systems and modern radars linked to small spy submarines on the island of Socotra, after the UAE announced collaboration with Tel Aviv in mid-August 2020.