Coalition Spokesman doubles down on scandal - claims it as "marginal error"

Coalition Spokesman doubles down on scandal - claims it as "marginal error"

The Saudi-led coalition’s spokesman, Turki Al-Maliki, admitted on Tuesday that the video that was published of what he claimed was a workshop for the manufacture of ballistic missiles and drones in the port of Hodeidah is “fabricated and incorrect.”

“The video was passed in a wrong way, and it is part of the marginal error,” Al-Maliki said, in a press conference held in Ataq city of Shabwah province, eastern Yemen, in which he announced a new operation dubbed “Hurriyat Al-Yaman Al-Saeed”.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information in the Sana’a government, Nasr Al-Din Amer, commented on Al-Maliki’s statements in a tweet on Twitter, saying: “Do you deal with Yemenis to this extent of recklessness and filth?”

Amer added, “This margin of error was intended to destroy the last humanitarian port in Yemen, which is the port of Hodeidah,” stressing that had it not been for exposing al-Maliki, the rest of the port would have been targeted.

The coalition spokesman’s confessions drew widespread ridicule from the activists of social networking sites, describing his allegations as “impudent”, as a result of his reliance on the fabrication to justify his attacks on civil objects.

Earlier this week, the coalition spokesman reviewed video clips from the American movie “Severe Clear” filmed in Iraq more than a decade ago, claiming that they are warehouses for assembling ballistic missiles in the port of Hodeidah.