Senior UAE-backed mercenary leader killed in missile strike

Senior UAE-backed mercenary leader killed in missile strike

A senior commander of pro-UAE factions was killed on Wednesday in an attack believed to have been carried out by Yemeni army forces on gatherings of the UAE-backed forces in Shabwah province,  southern Yemen.

Sources said that, Abdul Fattah al-Saadi, the commander of the 5th Al-Amaliqa Brigade was killed alongside a large number of his forces in a ballistic missile strike that hit their gathering in the so-called Al-Saaq front in Shabwah province.

Yemeni military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e confirmed that the army forces have furthermore foiled a major offensive waged by the Saudi-led coalition forces toward the provinces of Shabwah and Ma’rib.

He confirmed that dozens of UAE-backed militants were killed and wounded in the attack towards Ain district of Shabwah and Harib district of Ma’rib province.

“The coalition forces also suffered heavy losses in military equipment, despite  air cover by coalition warplanes on the districts, without them making any progress,” he said.

The spokesman pointed out that the Yemeni missile forces accurately targeted the coalition’s gatherings with two ballistic missiles during the attack, killing and wounding large numbers of coalition militants.