Stifling fuel crisis grips Yemen as Saudi blockade of shipments continues

Stifling fuel crisis grips Yemen as Saudi blockade of shipments continues

The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) has confirmed on Thursday that various provinces have been witnessing a serious fuel crisis

“There is a stifling fuel crisis that the citizens are suffering in all Yemeni governorates,” the executive general manager of the company, Ammar al-Adhari said.

Al-Adhari indicated that “the company has the ability to provide fuel to all Yemeni regions through its branches at the lowest costs and at a unified price, but only if the fuel ships are allowed to reach the port of Hodeidah permanently without objection. Moreover, the United Nations should perform its basic duty,” he added.

As part of its economic war against Yemen, the US-Saudi aggression coalition has worked to drain about 97% of the Yemeni state’s resources, either by controlling them militarily such as oil and gas sources, by freezing Yemeni foreign assets and transferring them to mercenaries and financing coalition operations, or by imposing siege on the vital port of Hodeidah and the most important port after Aden.

The coalition of aggression continues to detain fuel ships and preventing them from entering the port of Hodeidah, despite the ships having obtained permits from UN, which further aggravates the humanitarian catastrophe due to the suspension of many vital service sectors, especially hospitals, electricity provision, water, cargo transport and garbage collection.

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