Islah Party militias storm prison in Taiz

Islah Party militias storm prison in Taiz

Gunmen belonging to the Islah Party have on Tuesday stormed a prison in Taiz province, southwestern Yemen. This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on the testimonies of sources.

A group of members of the so-called Taiz military axis reportedly attacked the headquarters of the central prison in the city of Taiz.

The gunmen used medium weapons and rocket shells in the attack, and started by blowing up the prison gate and targeting the guards’ rooms before breaking into its buildings, the sources said.

The attacking group was able to release a number of prisoners affiliated with the Taiz axis and stood accused of criminal cases, including serious crimes, one of the sources said.

The same sources said that the Security Department and the 17th Infantry Brigade, whom are both loyal to the Saudi-led coalition-backed Hadi government, did not respond to the incident.