Yemeni diplomat: Abu Dhabi strike is just a prelude

Yemeni diplomat: Abu Dhabi strike is just a prelude

Member of the national negotiating delegation in Sana’a, Abdul-Malik al-Ajri, has affirmed on Monday that the latest bombing operation against the UAE is “a prelude by the Yemeni army to deter Abu Dhabi.”

Al-Ajri indicated in a press statement that “the UAE fell into an American-Israeli-Saudi trap to get them to return to the front in Yemen.”

He pointed out that the recent Emirati move in Yemen brought it back to the front, but noted that the UAE can not withstand intense retaliation strikes such as Saudi Arabia has suffered at Yemeni hands.

“The self-distancing policy announced by the UAE appeared to be a lie and a deception internally and regionally,” al-Ajri added, stressing that “the UAE is a small servant of the Americans and Israelis, and they cannot be trusted even at the regional level.”

He continued, “After approaching the liberation of Ma’rib, the Americans have pushed the UAE to return and move in Yemen. This proves that it is a tool in the hands of the head of the real alliance: America and Israel.”