Breaking: Yemeni forces launch new missile strikes against Saudi Arabia and UAE

Breaking: Yemeni forces launch new missile strikes against Saudi Arabia and UAE

This picture shows a purported Yemeni missile strike against Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, early on January 24, 2022. (Photo by Sabereen News)

Only a week after a previous highly succesful precision strike in the heartland of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the defenders of Yemen have launched new missile strikes against both Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

The UAE Ministry of Defence, in an official statement through media outlet WAM, claimed that its forces had intercepted two ballistic missiles in Emirati airspace. The statement claims that the wreckage of the Yemeni missiles landed nearby the capital Abu Dhabi. Emirati state media has a tendency to downplay or flat out deny the extent of Yemeni retaliatory strikes, however.

In a separate statement, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reporting that a Yemeni ballistic missile hit an industrial zone in the southern border province of Jizan, as well as claiming that Saudi forces had intercepted two Yemeni military drones that were moving in from the Jawf governorate.

On the other side of the conflict, Yemen’s official media channel Al-Masirah claimed that a “wide military operation” took place in the depth of both Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and reported that the Armed Forces of Yemen will make an official announcement about the military operation later today.

Video footage allegedly showing an explosion caused by a Yemeni missile in Abu Dhabi was shared by Sabereen News, a channel on social network Telegram that is affiliated with the Popular Mobilisation Units of Iraq. The Iraqi channel claimed that four explosions were reported in Abu Dhabi, followed by sirens of emergency services moving in. Sabereen News also reported that all air traffic was halted in Abu Dhabi as a result of the blasts.