Mohammed Abdulsalam: Yemen will continue striking UAE until they withdraw from war

Mohammed Abdulsalam: Yemen will continue striking UAE until they withdraw from war

The head of the national Yemeni delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam has stressed that “the Armed Forces will target the United Arab Emirates in all its institutions of a military and economic nature, particularly its weak spots, so that it will stop its blatant interference in Yemen’s affairs.”

In a statement to Al-Mayadeen TV on Monday, Abdulsalam said that “the UAE has clearly attacked us and it must bear the consequences,” stressing that the armed forces are “responding to an unjustified aggression and blockade that is targeting our people.”

He pointed out that “the UAE is losing, and the result will be positive for Yemen, the region and Palestine.”

Abdulsalam warned the UAE, saying that the UAE “must stop blatantly interfering in Yemeni affairs or the Yemeni response will continue.”

He stressed that “there is no option for the Yemeni people except to face the aggression, especially since it has been proven that the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi does not sleep.”

“We defend ourselves. They are the ones who intervened, committed massacres, and cut off the Internet as proof of their moral bankruptcy,” he added.

“Yemen is an ancient country, and it is now in an advanced position with national mood that supports the Yemeni Armed Forces.”

Commenting on the latest crimes committed by the coalition, specially the bombing of the telecommunications center in Hodeidah and the destruction of the central facility with the aim of cutting off the Internet, Abdulsalam called it “a crime committed by the enemy followed by another crime against civilians in Saada prison and residential neighborhoods in Hodeidah and Sana’a.”

Mohammed Abdulsalam said that these crimes “reflect the scale of the coalition’s failure on the ground,” and described then as “a cowardly and immoral enemy.”

He stressed that the massacres committed by the coalition of aggression against the inmates of Saada prison and civilians in Hodeidah and Sana’a and the targeting of civilian installations “cannot subject the people or break their will, but will push them to respond in every possible means with all their strength.”

According to Abdulslam, “the enemy with its brutal crimes and massacres brings nothing new, but just declares to the world that it is morally bankrupt and has failed on the ground. Thus, this reinforces our principled position that the enemy is only deterred by force, and that after seven years of failure it has only become more dangerous and brutal.”