Saudi airstrike injures civilian in Taiz

Saudi airstrike injures civilian in Taiz

A Yemeni citizen was seriously injured on Tuesday as a result of an airstrike by the US-Saudi-Emirati warplanes in Taiz province, southwestern Yemen, a security official said

The official explained that Qae’ed Shaalan, was injured by shrapnel of a missile fired by the US-Saudi warplanes on his farm while he was plowing the land in Maqbanah District.

The airstrike also killed a number of livestock and caused material damage in the targeted farm, the official added.

Maqbanah district has been subjected to continuous targeting by the aggression warplanes, which caused the death and injury of over hundred civilians, the destruction of dozens of homes, farms, water wells and the death of livestock over the past years, amid international silence towards the crimes of the aggression against civilians.

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