Saudi-led forces launch new airstrikes on Sana'a

Saudi-led forces launch new airstrikes on Sana'a

US-backed Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched a new series of intensive airstrikes on the Yemeni capital Sana’a and its nearby regions, security sources said on Wednesday.

According to the sources, the coalition warplanes carried out three raids on al-Nahdin area and two on the Al-Hafa area in the Al-Sabeen district of the capital.

Four airstrikes targeted the vicinity of the Ministry of Health and the Public Radio and Television Corporation in al-Nahda neighborhood of Al-Thawra district, the sources added.

According to preliminary information, the raids injured several civilians and damaged residential neighborhoods in the area.

Moreover, the coalition launched six raids on the Subaha area in Sana’a province, and four raids on the Garban area and Jabal Reed in Sanhan district.

In Dhamar, the coalition warplanes have once again bombed the infrastructure of the province, through launching airstrikes on a communications tower next to Dhamar University, and two other towers in Jabal Azan in Utmah directorate, and in Jabal al-Za’ala of Wusab Al-Ali district.

The raids came in light of an aerial escalation by the coalition, in which the Saudi and Emirati warplanes launched 46 raids in the past 24 hours targeting Ma’rib, Taiz, Shabwah and Jawf provinces.