Saudi Air Force targets own mercenaries during retreat

Saudi Air Force targets own mercenaries during retreat

Military sources in the exiled Saudi-backed Hadi government said on Saturday that the Saudi-led coalition air force launched a heavy bombardment on its own factions after they fled their positions at the border.

The sources confirmed that the coalition pushed factions stationed in the border areas from the direction of Haradh area south of Jizan city and towards the frontline.

These factions subsequently suffered heavy casualties during their attempt to advance in the area, but were prevented by advancing by the Yemeni army forces .

Reportedly, the militias fled the area and retreated towards Saudi Arabia, but were met by heavy shelling by the Saudi Air Force, resulting in the death and wounding of several militants.

These developments coincide with coalition forces’ efforts to push the remaining factions affiliated Islah Party and mercenary leader Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, to the frontlines in the war against Yemen.