Two pro-Saudi commanders injured in suspicious accident

Two pro-Saudi commanders injured in suspicious accident

Two military commanders loyal to Saudi-led coalition forces have been injured on Monday morning in an accident of which the details are unclear at this point.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on testimonies of local sources. According to the sources, Khaled Fadhil, commander of the Taiz axis and affiliated with the Islah party, and commander of the 5th Brigade Adnan Ruzaiq, were injured at dawn in a traffic incident on the Hijat al-Abd road between Taiz and Lahj, while was travelling to Aden in response to a request by the coalition.

They sustained moderate injuries and were rushed to the Al-Turbah Hospital in in al-Shamaytin district before being taken to a hospital in Taiz city, the sources added.

The sources believed that the incident was possibly orchestrated by the UAE and its factions represented by Tariq Saleh, in order to get rid of Fadhil, who is considered to be a loyalist of the Islah Patty and Ali Mohaen al-Ahmar in Taiz, especially after he repeated threats to retake Mocha district from Tariq’s forces.

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