Saudi-backed commander targeted in bomb attack in Aden

Saudi-backed commander targeted in bomb attack in Aden

A violent explosion has rocked Yemen’s southern city of Aden on Tuesday, local sources said

According to the sources, an explosive device planted by unknown persons hit the the car of naval commander Major General Al-Khader Shenaa, and exploded in front of his house in the Khormaksar directorate east of Aden.

The explosion damaged the car and nearby houses.

This is the second attack to target a military commander in Aden in a week, after the Director of the Financial Department of the exiled Hadi government, Nayef al-Hamidi, survived a similar bombing that targeted his car while it was parked in front of his home in al-Tawahi district.

Dozens of military, security and political leaders, including religious preachers, have been assassinated by UAE-backed elements since 2015, as infighting between Saudi-led forced and UAE-backed separatists continues.