Yemen condemns Zionist attack on Damascus

Yemen condemns Zionist attack on Damascus

Yemen has condemned the Israeli aggression on areas in vicinity of Damascus on Wednesday.

Yemen’s ambassador in Damascus, Abdullah Ali Sabri has expressed in a statement his country’s full solidarity with Syria in the face of the repeated Israeli aggressions on its land, stressing that “this aggression is a violation of the state’s sovereignty and a clear breach of international laws and norms.”

Expressing his country’s condemnation of the brutal attack against Syria, the Yemeni ambassador criticised the complicity of the international community, affirming the legitimate right of the Syrian state to respond to this aggression.

One Syrian soldier was martyred and five others were wounded as a result of an Israeli missile attack at dawn on Wednesday on the vicinity of Damascus city. The aggression also caused material damages to civilian housing and property in Qudsayya, northwest of Damascus.

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