Saudi airstrikes destroy telecommunications building in Sana'a

Saudi airstrikes destroy telecommunications building in Sana'a

Saudi-led coalition warplanes have launched airstrikes on the TeleYemen Company building in the capital Sana’a,  which led to its destruction.

The attack came in less than three weeks after coalition warplane destroyed Yemen’s internet gateway by bombing the building of the telecommunications center in Hodeidah, which led to blackout of the internet across Yemen.

According to security sources, at 2:00 AM on Monday, coalition warplanes targeted the Yemeni International Telecommunications Company building in Al-Jraf area of Al-Thawra district with two airstrikes, which completely destroyed the building .

The coalition air force has previously cut off internet and international communications services in Yemen entirely by bombing the Telecommunications center in Hodeidah on January 21, with the blackout lasting for several days, before the internet being returned by Yemeni engineering efforts.

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