Yemen suffering one civilian casualty every hour since January

Yemen suffering one civilian casualty every hour since January

An international official affirmed that at least one civilian is being killed or wounded every single hour in Yemen since January.

“More than 200 citizens and 15 children were killed and 354 others and 30 children were injured in those escalations,” Country Director for Yemen of organisation Save The Children, Gillian Moyes said in a statement.

“Silence is no longer an option, and the death and injury of children and their families cannot be tolerated in any way,” the statement said.

“The number of civilian casualties in January was nearly three times the monthly average of the 209 casualties in 2021.”

Moyes pointed out that the number of dead and wounded has risen severely since the United Nations Human Rights Council voted last October to end the commission’s mandate for experts investigating war crimes in Yemen.

Last October, the Council failed to extend the mandate of the international team to investigate possible war crimes in Yemen, as the draft resolution submitted by the Netherlands received the approval of 18 countries, against the objection of 21.