Yemeni Foreign Minister sends message to UN Security Council

Yemeni Foreign Minister sends message to UN Security Council

Yemen’s Foreign Minister has sent a message on Monday to the President of the UN Security Council for February 2022, Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia, about the briefing session on Yemen scheduled for Tuesday, in addition to discussing the developments in the political situation in Yemen.

In the message, minister Hisham Sharaf addressed the President and members of the UN Security Council that the upcoming briefing of the Council on Yemen comes in difficult humanitarian and living conditions that the Yemeni people suffer from in light of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression and blockade.

He mentioned that “the aggression did not allow fuel tankers to enter oil derivatives and domestic gas, and continued the closure of Sana’a International Airport.”

He stressed that “these practices contribute to the further economic deterioration, creating suitable conditions for the deterioration of the national currency”, considering these hostile policies deliberately practiced by the aggression “have persisted as part of its war strategy against the Yemeni people.”

The Minister stated that the briefings, which are usually held on Yemeni affairs, have become a traditional and formal routine that justifies the presence and work of the United Nations and its organisations in Yemen while at the same time giving full opportunity to the aggressor countries to continue their crimes.

He pointed out that “the United Nations, with these sessions and briefings, has turned into a platform for complaints without any consideration of what the authorities of Yemen in Sana’a want to put forward in terms of clarifications or positions that the Council can discuss as a neutral council.”

Minister Sharaf stressed that “the international community finds that there has not been any positive shift or improvement in the humanitarian and living situation in Yemen, or actual steps to end the war because most of the briefings give more justifications to the aggressor countries to continue its aggression and its interventions in Yemen.”

He stressed the need for the Security Council to adopt a resolution binding parties in the conflict in Yemen to the adoption and implementation of confidence-building steps.

He pointed out that these steps should include a ceasefire of all military operations, the reopening Sana’a airport for civil and commercial flights, the lifting of the siege on the port of Hodeidah, and allowing of the entry of fuel tankers, domestic gas, commercial goods, basic materials and medicines into Yemen.

In the letter, the Foreign Minister called on the UN Security Council to exercise its duties with complete impartiality to create steps towards peace.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs concluded his message by saying: “The authorities in Sana’a are fully prepared to send envoys of the National Salvation Government to speak before the Security Council, and to confirm our clear and principled position to move towards peace and get Yemen and its people out of this unjust war, towards the desired security and stability.”