Hezbollah announces ability to create high-precision missiles

Hezbollah announces ability to create high-precision missiles

Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General of Hezbollah, said on Wednesday that “the Party has the ability of manufacturing drones and converting thousands of missiles into precision missiles.”

Sayyid Nasrallah addressed the Israeli enemy, saying: “We have the ability to keep pace with every development and we are ready for any new development in our military industry.”

He pointed out that “the Resistance has decided to activate the air defence that has existed for years in the face of the danger of the Israeli marches,” noting that “the occupation deliberately employs agents in Lebanon to compensate for the absence of its presence in the airspace of our country.”

Nasrallah stressed that “the Resistance with all its factions has preserved Lebanon’s identity, which was almost destroyed in 1982,” noting that “the resistance movements in the region have a realistic vision that that the Zionist enemy is but a temporary entity.”

He said that “Israel, cannot occupy Lebanon nor establish a state from the Nile to the Euphrates,” adding that “the enemy fell in 1985, 2000 and 2006.”

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