Over 13,000 Yemeni women and children killed or wounded since start of Saudi invasion

Over 13,000 Yemeni women and children killed or wounded since start of Saudi invasion

Entesaf Organization for Women and Child Rights has released an official statistic on the number of children and women casualties since the beginning of Saudi-led coalition aggregation against Yemen.

Over 13,313 children and women were killed or wounded in the aggression on Yemen, according to the organisation.

A statistic issued by the organization indicated that since the beginning of the aggression, the number of women and children killed has reached 2,426 women and 3,847 children, while the number of wounded has reached 2,834 women and 4,206 children.

In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), the organization’s head, Sumaya Al-Taifi, held the US-Saudi aggression responsible for all the crimes and violations committed against civilians in Yemen for nearly seven years.

She pointed out that the continuation of the aggression in detaining fuel tankers has catastrophic repercussions on all vital sectors, especially the health sector, as it was a major reason for the high indicators of deaths among children, premature infants and mothers in public and private hospitals due to the inability to provide fuel to operate devices, supplying electrical current to devices and keeping medicines.

Al- Taifi stressed that hospitals and health centers are threatened with closure due to the aggression’s intransigence and its arbitrary practices in detaining fuel tankers and preventing their entry to the port of Hodeidah.

She called on the international community and UN organizations to bear their humanitarian responsibility towards the violations and the heinous massacres against civilians, calling on the free people of the world to take effective and positive action to stop the aggression and protect civilians from women and children.