Clashes erupt between Saudi-led forces and Ma'rib tribes

Clashes erupt between Saudi-led forces and Ma'rib tribes

Violent clashes erupted on Saturday between the Al-Jalal tribes and forces loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in Abidah valley of Ma’rib province, eastern Yemen, tribal sources reported.

The sources said that the tribesmen were able to cut off the main roads between the Abidah valley and Ma’rib city, as well as the international road linking Ma’rib with Al-Abr area and Al-Wadeah crossing into Saudi Arabia.

According to the sources, military formations loyal to the Saudi-backed Islah Party bombed an oil derivatives station belonging to one of Abidah’s inhabitants, which led to its devastation by fire.

The Al-Jalal tribe had cut off the main line linking Ma’rib city to the oil region of Safer and the road of Al-Abar, in response to a military and security campaign attack on the tribe’s homes after the inhabitants refused to allow Islah militants to set up military positions between their homes.

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