Yemeni military media releases footage of new major victory near Haradh

Yemeni military media releases footage of new major victory near Haradh

The military media of the Yemeni army has on Sunday released footage refuting claims published by the Saudi-led coalition claiming it had taken control of Haradh district in Hajjah province.

The scenes showed that the Yemeni army launched a counter-attack against the coalition forces, inflicting heavy casualties and destroying dozens of military vehicles near Haradh.

The Yemeni Missile Force and the Air Force launched operations  targeting Saudi-led troops and their mercenaries with a number of ballistic missiles and drones, inflicting  great losses on them as well.

The official spokesman of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e confirmed that the military media scenes refuted Saudi-led coalition’s allegations on taking control over the strategic city of Haradh.

Earlier, coalition media outlets claimed that its forces had taken control of Haradh district.

According to the military media, Saudi-led coalition forces and their mercenaries suffered heavy casualties during their attempt to advance towards the city of Haradh.

The scenes showed dozens of dead bodies of mercenaries and many injured, while many others have reportedly fled amid the advance of the army forces and Popular Committees.

A military source confirmed that over 580 Saudi-led coalition troops have been killed or wounded.

The Yemeni army forces were able to seize a large quantity of weapons, in addition to capturing dozens of mercenaries, Yahya Sare’e added.

According to the source, more than 40 military vehicles armoured vehicles, including a communications vehicle and a mine sweeper, were destroyed or damaged.

Furthermore, the army forces were able to burn more than 60 Katyusha rocket launcher systems and shoot down a Chinese-made CH-4 spy drone plane, as well as destroying and damaging seven heavy and medium-sized cannons.