Ukraine admits losing key military airport nearby Kiev

Ukraine admits losing key military airport nearby Kiev

The Ukrainian forces admitted on Friday that the most important strategic military airports on the outskirts of the capital of Kiev had fallen into the hands of Russian forces, following a major air landing by Russian special units.

The Ukrainian General Staff said that the Russian forces managed to take control of the Gostomel airport, which is close to the ring line of the capital, Kiev.

The Ukrainian forces stated that they shot down two Russian army helicopters during the Russian operation to control the airport.

The statement of the Ukrainian General Staff confirmed that the Russian forces are advancing with large numbers towards the capital, Kiev.

On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Defence said in a statement that more than 200 Russian helicopters participated in the operation, which succeeded after silencing all air defences in the landing area and securing the complete isolation of the combat zone from the air.

The statement stated that during the operation to capture the airport, more than 200 ultra-nationalists in the ranks of the Ukrainian forces were killed.