Russia and Ukraine holding peace negotiations in Belarus

Russia and Ukraine holding peace negotiations in Belarus

The head of the Ukrainian political party “Servant of The People” fraction in the Ukrainian parliament, David Arakhamia, has said that his country’s delegation would listen to all Russian proposals during negotiations and “evaluate them quietly.”

“We must listen to them and calmly balance all proposals and their implications for the interests of the nation and citizens,” said Arakhamia, who is part of the Ukrainian delegation.

According to some Ukrainian media, the Ukrainian delegation in negotiations with Russia includes Arakhamia, as well as Igor Abramovich, who is a deputy from the pro-Russian Opposition Platform, and the Deputy Minister of Defence and several others.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he did not believe in the success of negotiations with Russia.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Koliba announced that Kiev had sent a delegation to the talks in order to hear the position of the Russian side and express the opinion of the Kiev authorities.

Yesterday, an informed source told a TASS correspondent that negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations would begin on Monday morning in the Gomel region of Belarus.