Yemeni academic reveals large-scale Saudi bribery of "activists" to whitewash its crimes

Yemeni academic reveals large-scale Saudi bribery of "activists" to whitewash its crimes

Mohammed al-Zubaidi, Yemeni academic and human rights expert based in Washington DC, has said that the Saudi regime, through its ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Al Jaber, has bought Yemeni activists in Geneva and New York to whitewash its crimes in international forums, in exchange for monthly funding from the Saudi Special Committee and under direct supervision from the Ambassador’s Office.

Speaking to the Rai Akhr media outlet, al-Zubaidi said that the Saudi regime has “resorted to buying loyalties to whitewash its reputation after 8 years of war against Yemen since March 2015, and after suffering heavy casualties on the ground.”

He revealed the absurdity of the war, the conviction of world public opinion, and the violations against innocent people there.

“About 26 Yemeni activists received direct guidance from al-Jaber’s office with written manuscripts prepared by his former office, focused on diluting public opinion through television media and human rights seminars on the Saudi regime’s crimes against civilians in Yemen, confirming that they received monthly payments from Saudi officers affiliated with the ambassador,” Mohammed al-Zubaidi told Rai Akhr on Wednesday.

“The ambassador’s office is giving these Yemeni activists and journalists in Europe and America these funds in the name of humanity to get them to attend Human Rights Council and UN sessions, in order to defend and cover the crimes and violations committed by the Saudi-UAE coalition,” Mohammed al-Zubaidi added.

He denounced the works of these so-called activists who have abandoned the issues of the Yemeni people, and the condemnation of the violations to which their homeland is subjected, for the sake of their own interests.

“Moreover, the Saudi regime’s purchase of loyalty of these Yemenis comes after scandalous international reports condemning Saudi Arabia’s military operations in Yemen and human rights violations amounting to crimes of war and genocide,” he explained, stressing that “Riyadh uses these Yemeni activists seasonally by sending them in all international forums to participate under its directives.”

Furthermore, al-Zubaidi said these Yemeni activists serve as “laundry for the crimes of the Saudi coalition” and submit pre-prepared reports from the Riyadh Special Committee to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, focusing on defending the coalition and its criminal actions against civilians, especially after Saudi Arabia was blacklisted for killing children in Yemen.

He added that Yemeni activists have been whitewashing saudi and UAE crimes against humanity in Yemen through human rights council sessions and UN General Assembly sessions in New York.

Additionally, he confirmed that he has documents showing these Yemeni activists receive rewards from a Saudi officer in exchange for giving false witness testimonies before the international community and world public opinion.