Yemeni Coffee Festival starts in Sana'a

Yemeni Coffee Festival starts in Sana'a

Member of the Supreme Political Council, Sultan al-Samei, has on Thursday inaugurated the Yemeni Coffee Festival in Al-Sabaeen Park in the capital Sana’a, under the slogan “We revive history and plant hope.”

During the inauguration of the three-day festival organised by the Higher Agricultural and Fisheries Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture, al-Samei affirmed that “Yemeni coffee is one of the best types of coffee in the world.”

Al-Samei indicated that the price of one kilogram of the finest Yemeni coffee has reached 500 dollars.

The Supreme Political Member praised the role of the Coffee Research Center of the Agriculture Ministry in educating farmers and helping them to produce the best and finest types of coffee in large quantities.

He urged the ministry on guiding farmers and making them aware of the good varieties of coffee to enable this strategic crop to compete in global markets.

The festival is one of the activities for the development of Yemeni coffee as a strategic and monetary product that feeds the national economy.

Yemen is one of the oldest coffee producing centers in the world, with in particular the port city of Mocha having played an historical role in the international coffee trade, as well as lending its name to a popular type of coffee product.