Takfiri terrorists destroy historical mosque and mausoleum in Mocha

Takfiri terrorists destroy historical mosque and mausoleum in Mocha

Al-Qaeda and ISIS takfiri elements have on Saturday attacked one of the most prominent historical Islamic monuments in Mocha district in Taiz province, southwestern Yemen.

According to local sources, a group of terrorists affiliated to the UAE-backed militias led by Brigadier General Tariq Saleh stormed the dome of the El Rifai, in the Najiba area on the outskirts of Mocha Directorate, demolishing the dome and burning the mausoleum and shrine of Imam Al-Wali Ahmed Ali Al-Rifai.

The people of the region denounced the silence of Saudi-led coalition forces over the movements of takfiri terrorists and their attacks against the people, religious symbols and historical monuments, which date back to the third century.

Incidents of attacks on historic mosques, shrines and Islamic and historical monuments are frequent in coalition-controlled provinces, and terrorist elements have already blown up historic shrines and mosques in Taiz, Lahj and Hadhramaut.

The UAE is recruiting terrorist elements of al-Qaeda and ISIS, opening training centers for them in the southern provinces and sending them to several fronts, particularly the West Coast fronts.

Takfiri forces such as ISIS are notorious for their violent attitude towards the Zaydi and orthodox Sunni Muslims of Yemen, and display a particular hatred for mosques, sanctuaries and tombs that they consider out of line with the Wahhabi ideology.