Women's Day protest in Chile draws attention to the suffering of Yemen

Women's Day protest in Chile draws attention to the suffering of Yemen

Thousands of women have staged a protest in front of Chile’s presidential palace on Tuesday marking International Women’s Day.

During the protest, the Chilean protesters showed their solidarity with the oppressed people of Yemen as a result of the Saudi-American aggression and its suffocating siege have been imposing on the country since seven years.

They raised the Yemeni flag and banners calling for an end to Saudi-led aggression and siege of Yemen.

They called for an end to the war in Yemen, the lifting of the blockade and the punishment of the perpetrators of crimes against the Yemeni people.

In the sideline of the protest, Chilean activist Connie De Witt organized a photo exhibition showing pictures of children victims and crimes committed by the coalition against civilians in Yemen .

“Yesterday, I presented a photo exhibition for Yemen at the international women’s day rally, and it was a successful event. Many visitors came by and wanted to know what is really happening in Yemen,” Connie De Witt wrote on her Facebook page.

Thousands of Yemeni children have been displaced due to the bombardments of the Saudi-led coalition warplanes with the support of the USA, Israel and UK.

De Witt continued: “The blockade is so serious. The ships carrying fuel are not allowed to enter the country to operate the hospitals. Many hospitals might be closed at any moment due to lack of oil derivatives to run the generators. It is a big problem to patients, especially for dialysis cases.”

Connie concluded his post by saying “The most beautiful thing is that I am able to tell the people around me about the aggression on Yemen.”