Yemeni forces liberate over 50 square kilometers of land in major new offensive

Yemeni forces liberate over 50 square kilometers of land in major new offensive

The Yemeni army forces have carried out a military offensive on positions of Saudi army and their Sudanese mercenaries west of the city of Haradh in Hajjah province, northwestern Yemen, in which they were able to cleanse and liberate dozens of locations and villages.

The operation lasted two full days, during which the army forces managed to take control over a geographic area with an estimated area of 54 square kilometers that was previously occupied by coalition’s mercenaries.

During the operation, the Yemeni army liberated the villages of Al-Rakib, Bani Oweid, Bani Fares, Uassyla and al-Awardh after fierce fighting, and inflicted unprecedented material and human casualties on the coalition forces.


A military source confirmed that more than 500 Saudi-led coalition troops were killed or injured during the offensive, including more than 80 Sudanese and 15 Saudi army personnel, as well as many others captured and several military vehicles and weapons seized during the operation.

The military media of the army released footage scenes showing the army fighters advancing towards the positions of the Saudi army and their Sudanese and local mercenaries, west of Haradh district.

The videos showed the army forces taking control of dozens of military positions in the area after the coalition factions fled.

The scenes furthermore showed heavy casualties among coalition factions, as well as the destruction of a number of their military and armoured vehicles.