Solidarity event for Yemen held in Syrian capital of Damascus

Solidarity event for Yemen held in Syrian capital of Damascus

The Yemeni ambassador in Damascus, Abdullah Sabri, has stressed the unity of stance, destiny and joint ties linking the two peoples of Yemen and Syria.

This came during Sabri’s speech at a political-intellectual symposium on the Yemeni resistance under the motto “Yemen: Seven Years of resistance” organised by the Arab Writers Union, in cooperation with Yemeni news channel Al-Masirah at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus.

Sabri stressed that the coercive economic blockade imposed by the United States and the West on the two peoples constitutes the actual root of the humanitarian crisis in both countries.

For his part, Mohamed al-Hourani, chairman of the Union, expressed the writers and intellectuals’ support to the Yemeni people in their struggle and in defending their land and rights.

Researcher Bassam Abu Abdullah pointed out that the common denominator between the steadfastness of the Syrian and Yemeni peoples was “the faith to confront the same forces of aggressionو the siege and their tools.”

Anwar Raja, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, said that “Yemen is part of any regional battle for the liberation of Palestine. Syrian and Yemeni blood is the same as Palestinian blood and our victory is the same.”

“The Yemeni people have given a lesson to those who want to exterminate them on how the oppressed win with their steadfastness and will,” said Hamid Rizq, director of political programs for Al-Mashirah TV channel.