Millions of Yemenis gather in mass rallies to mark seven years of resistance against Saudi invasion

Millions of Yemenis gather in mass rallies to mark seven years of resistance against Saudi invasion

Millions of Yemeni people have staged mass rallies on Saturday in the capital Sana’a and several other provinces like Saada, Taiz, Jawf and Raymah, Ibb, Dhamar,  Dhalea, Hodeidah, Hajjah, Amran and Mahweet, marking the “National Day of Steadfastness” and the passage of seven years of the Saudi invasion of Yemen.

During the rallies, the participants raised slogans expressing the steadfastness of the Yemeni people and their awareness, which broke the bets of the forces of aggression and thwarted their conspiracies and schemes, which target Yemen’s land, its people and its capabilities.

The participants stressed the continuation of steadfastness, moving forward in the face of the forces of US-Saudi-Emirati aggression, and confronting them with greater awareness, cohesion and national alignment until victory is achieved, and the homeland is liberated from the impurity of the invaders and occupiers.

Moreover, they confirmed that the Yemeni people, after seven years of aggression and its crimes, have become more steadfast, aware, lined up behind their wise leadership, in the face of the conspiracies of the forces of aggression, and responding to their escalation, crimes and siege.

Furthermore, the participants expressed the achievements and qualitative operations of the armed, missile and drone forces to deter the countries of aggression, noting the victories and heroic epics that the heroes of the army and popular committees wrote on the various fronts of freedom and dignity.

They renewed their support for military industrialization and missile power, and their blessing for the operations of breaking the siege and taking all strategic options to target the depth of the countries of aggression, until stopping their aggression and lifting their siege on the Yemeni people.

They also stressed that the tightening of the siege, the criminal practices and the maritime piracy of the aggression led by the United States and its tools, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, will not deter the Yemeni people from continuing the battle for liberation and independence until the victory is achieved.

The participants further stressed the importance of bearing national responsibility in promoting awareness, alignment and popular cohesion in the face of the escalation and siege of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression and thwarting its plans.

The participants called for continuing the general mobilization and contributing to the success of the Yemen Hurricane campaign to supply the fronts with men and money and to run convoys to support the stationed people to save the sovereignty of Yemen.

Meanwhile, a statement was issued at the rally in the capital Sana’a, praising the strikes launched by the  heroes of the armed forces targeting the depth of Saudi Arabia  .

The statement stressed that the confronting the aggression and steadfastness were the right options that we must continue on, noting that Yemeni people coming into the eighth year with firmness, strength and ferociousness.

It called on the aggressors to stop their aggression, lift their blockade and take the lesson of what happened to them during the past years.

The statement affirmed Yemen’s initial position towards the nation’s issues, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause, noting that Yemen is on the covenant and promise, and on the side of the Palestinian resistance